We are Stronger Together

About Us

PL Consulting Ltd is the innovative offshore and commercial structuring venture firm. The firm marks the achievement of her founder’s 12 years’ experience in offshore, corporate and commercial structuring in and from Mauritius. 

The firm’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses in sustainable legal, compliance and governance standards by laying the necessary legal foundation and delivering tailormade solutions in an innovative way.

The firm’s inherent values are:


Integrity, Empowerment and Collaboration


The firm’s client base includes investment managers, law firms and management companies, real estate promoters and local SMEs. The core strength of PL Consulting Ltd is its ability to adjust easily and swiftly to its client’s needs with the current and evolving legal and compliance framework, both at a cross-border level or within Mauritius. PL Consulting Ltd also provides insight expertise to expand and empower local businesses and entrepreneurs by advising on personalised strategic and action plans, in addition to providing personalised training.

The Team

The firm’s services are coordinated by Mrs. Pascale LEONIDE, the founder and managing director of PL Consulting Ltd. Pascale collaborates with various partners in bringing projects to completion.

Mrs. Pascale LEONIDE

As a dedicated business and offshore specialist, Pascale endeavours to always go the extra mile to bring relief and satisfaction to her clients through a solutions-based approach.

Over the years, Pascale has developed a real passion for process within organizations, ecological restoration and women empowerment.

Pascale studied law at Sceaux Faculty of Law and ESCP-Europe in Paris, France, and holds a Master II in Law (LLM) since 2007, with specialisation in Securities and Finance.

Pascale is well-known to be a committed and fully dedicated professional in reaching business targets while allowing for integration of new business strategies within the company.

Pascale is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Our Services

PL Consulting Ltd brings a simplified, realistic and business friendly approach to legal, compliance, corporate and commercial matters with a view to recommending tailor-made and sustainable solutions to its clients. PL Consulting Ltd provides you with the full range of dedicated high-quality services for development of projects in Mauritius, Europe and in Africa:

Offshore Structuring

Legal Structuring & Compliance

From setting-up to securing your legal documentation, PLC also provides back-office operations, insight expertise on corporate and compliance issues, including compliance audits.
Offshore Structuring


PLC provides assistance on your ESG Strategy including ESG Audit, ESG Integration, Monitoring and Reporting.
Offshore Structuring

Women Empowerment

PLC cares about women empowerment and leadership. The firm provides leadership, health & well-being workshops, personal coaching, and access to legal, finance & IT support.
Offshore Structuring


PLC provides tailormade courses on legal structuring, as well as legal and compliance obligations.